Wednesday, 16 May 2012

More on elastic bands training.

Do you remember this post on Sveltus Elastic Bands? It was exactly three months ago, and in these three months the Sveltus Elastibands have taken some abuse at least two times a week. Well, they still work great with no sign of wornout. It's on the long run that you can really test your equipment (and yourself too, but that's another story), and the Sveltus Elastibands are proving to be very good.
Another big advantage of this type of elastic bands is that you can use the different handles so you vary the lenght of the band, this allows to vary the intensity of the workout and to put major or minor stress on different areas of the muscle group you are training.
If you don't want spend a single dime for elastic bands, you can have them for free. Well, you can go to your local bike shop and ask for used bicycle innertubes. They don't have multiple handles but you can still have a good workout with them.
This video shows how to use innertubes for Judo strenght training:

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