Saturday, 28 April 2012

Croc shoes and walking.

Everybody knows Croc shoes. Fashion people hate them, but I think that they are probably the most used and and copied shoes of the last years.
No, I'm not speaking about fashion here, I'm just wondering how many people have tried them for walking. I don't mean going to the grocery store and back home, I mean long walking at a reasonably fast pace. They're wonderful.
Summer is the time of the year when I walk more. When it gets too hot for intense workouts, I just walk a lot (and I mean a lot). I would not believe that Croc shoes are so good for walking, fact is that last summer I worn out 4 pairs of them just walking (to be honest I have to say that I have never bought a pair of original Crocs, but the common offbrands that you find everywhere, so maybe an original pair of Crocs would last more). They are only 4 euros a pair so buying many pairs is no big problem.
They are soft, light and provide excellent support to the feet when walking on paved streets. I feel much more comfortable walking with Crocs than with a cheap pair of sneakers. Not that I care so much about aesthetics, but I think that they look way more decent that those horrible flip-flops.
Then, obviously if you decide to go hiking or to walk in the forest, then forget about Crocs as you feel every little stone of root under your feet, and that's not good.
But if you just want to keep in shape during the summer with fast walks in the city, my advice is to go buy 2 or 3 pairs and save your regular training shoes for else.

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