Monday, 12 March 2012

Reebok and Crossfit.

It's odd how commercials can give popularity to something. Till not much time ago, it was the opposite, famous people were featured on commercials to add appeal to a brand. Now a song, an actor, or a sport gains popularity due to a commercial. Now I am speaking of the Reebok/Crossfit commercial.

Good commercial for sure, but if there is something that does not need further hype, well, that's crossfit.
Don't get me wrong, I like the concept of crossfit itself, and I started training that way long before knowing that it's called crossfit. Mixing cardio and bodyweight, circuit training, sprinting... it's all good stuff that everyone should do, and it's not a matter of performance, it's just keeping our bodies functional. It's just that I tend to consider this kind of workout sort of underground stuff. I mean, I imagine that crossfit has to be done in a gym like this. Now seeing all this hype for something that should be normal for everyone (moving, keeping in good shape etc.) makes me think that maybe it's not considered normal for most people, and that they need commercials to understand the importance of a functional body.
Ok, rant is over. Out for a run.

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