Saturday, 17 March 2012

Musher Claudio De Ferrari: SHAME!!!

Please, take a look at this video:

This happened in Gyron, Switzerland during a sleddog competition. The musher acting so disgustingly is called Claudio De Ferrari, he seems to be a professional musher and a dog trainer.
The WSA sleddog commission decided to temporarily suspend him as you can read here. I really hope that he will be kicked out forever from every sleddog federation and competition. I hope also that his dogs would be consigned to someone who loves and respects them.
One of the most popular shows on the Italian television interviewed him yesterday night, you can see the interview clicking here. He says he's also a dog trainer. I really hope that he will be suspended from training dogs too. Would you trust a trainer like this?
There is petition online to ask to ban him forever from sleddog competitions. You can suscribe it here.

My thoughs on sleddog: I'm all for exercising with dogs, I think it's great to workout with them running in the woods, swimming etc. but I think that competitions involving dogs are totally wrong. Animals are not our slaves. They have the right to run as long as they want, not as long as the musher wants.

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