Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goals for 2012.

Well well that's that time of the year... have to find goals for the new year as it's important for self-improvement.
Considering that I'm in a relatively good shape, there's no need to focus goals on loosing weight or building muscles, what I really need to do is to find a way to improve urban mobility and to keep training at the same time.
Due to work schedule, I am obliged to spend about 4 days a week in an urban environment, away from my beloved mountains. This means no trail running, no climbing, and sadly no cycling too. In the last 5 months of living 4 days a week in the city, I got 2 bikes stolen. No big issue as they were cheap bikes used just to commute, but I'm quite tired to feed the always-growing bike-thieves market.
I walk a lot, but I need also to speed things up a little, as walk to work in the morning takes 1,5 hours. When I still had a bike, I could get to work in 25 minutes, that was ok.
So I have to find a way to speed up my daily cruising with something that I can keep in a bag and take inside the office... I am considering skates, but I am not very good in skating and mostly all the roads I have to cover are paved in cobblestone.
Then I've discovered the Gaus Wheel, this one:
This is how it works:

But again, I'm not sure of the little rear wheel on cobblestones.
This urban mobility thing is something I have to solve during the next months.
Drop me a message if you have any ideas.
Oh, and happy new year to everyone!

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