Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Kickbike Model!

I love kickbikes, I mean the big-wheeled scooters made in Finland, these ones. I still hadn't bought one because I'm not sure how much I could use it, living in a place where there are no non-hilly roads (and I mean, very hilly). I suppose I would spend half time walking it and half time going downhill, way too fast. But I had the chance to use one (the cross model) two years ago, in Netherlands, and it was a blast! I really enjoyed every minute of my ride, it's something between running and cycling, with the benefits of both - ok, when cycling you're faster, but if speed is not important, a kickbike is a load of fun.

I suppose it's no fresh news, but I've noticed it today, so forgive me if I arrive late.
There is a new Kickbike model on their site, the Cruise Max:
With the fat wheel, it seems like one of those snow bikes as the Salsa Mukluk, but the handlebar is definitely a cruiser type, so maybe it's not made for offroad like the Cross model.
Anyway, I like to see new models being presented, as it means that there is always more people interested in kickbiking!

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