Saturday, 18 June 2011

Going quadrupedal!

Walking on all fours is a great way to improve total-body fitness. I've always used this technique, alterning it to running. It's good cardio too, considering that many people move only their legs when doing cardio (running, biking, walking).

I've found this excellent page on going quadrupedal, from John Sifferman's Physical Living (have a look at all the site, it's great).

Quadrupedal workout can be done indoors or outdoors.

In the Physical living page there are lots of examples of going quadrupedal, the Parkour training is awesome too, on Youtube I've found another video:

A nice variation, to put more stress on arms, shoulders and core, is use only your arms to procede, and to drag the rest of the body (you can put your feet on a skateboard to make it easier)

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