Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Power Balance - my personal experience.

After reading a lot about the Power Balance and being quite skeptical, a few days ago my wife came home with two Power Balance wristbands (the neoprene model). First of all, I have to say they look cool. But that's not the point, the Power Balance wristband is supposed to be an aequilibrium enhancer and, as a side effect, to have positive influence on sports performance. This is caused by the holograms of the wristbands, that are supposed to interfere in a positive way with our magnetic field. As already said, I've read a lot about these things, but never found anything really scientific. If there is something online, please let me know as I am very interested.
Ok, straight to the point: I does not work for me. I did a lot of tests, both on balance and on performance. The wristband has no influence at all on the results. My wife stated that it does something for her, as she feels less fatigued after running and their knees hurt less. I told her to do the same balance tests that I did, she said that she felt more secure doing the tests when she had the wristband on, but while measuring the results, there was no real difference.
Is it all a global placebo effect, or is it my magnetic field so screwed up that I can't get the influence of the Power Balance wristband?

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