Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Expecting the unexpected!

I've read somewhere that Football is so exciting because it's the sport where forecasts are more often not accomplished. And the Fifa World Cup apparently follows the same rule. After the first matches, Euro football seemed to be just sweet memories. The Big ones from Latin America were considered the real thing. Now, at 4 matches to the end, 3 of the 4 remaining teams are Europeans (Germany, Netherlands, Spain) and just one is Latin American (and it's Uruguay, not the usual Brazil and Argentina). I have to say that as an Euro football fan, I'm quite happy. Germany VS Argentina was a triumphal match. It was the victory of a good team opposed to a group of excellent players, and I think we all know how it went (just in case someone does not, Germany won 4-0). I'd like to see a Germany VS Netherlands final, I really like both teams and both deserve a lot. Germany is powerful and ballistic, as Netherlands seems more tactical. Don't know why but the present Netherlands' team makes me go back to the Italian team of 2006, maybe this is a good omen!

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