Tuesday, 22 June 2010


A post about bikes, but it's not tagged as bike but as general babble. Why? Because usually with the term "bike" I mean those things with pedals, but this post is about motorbikes!
I've always had enduro motorbikes (currently rocking a Honda XR 400r) and I've always disliked the chopper world. I mean, I appreciate a lot the efforts to make unique motorbikes but the long forks and that too much chrome are not my cup of tea.
The other side of the customized/diy motorbike world is represented by the ratbikes, those lovely matte-black monsters that look like they're ready to cross the desert and fight the aliens. If you don't know what a ratbike is, I recommend you this video.

Ratbike.org seems to be the best online resource for this type of motorbikes, it's full of pictures. There is also a ratbike version of the classic scooter Lambretta, here. Here there is also a Vespa-Lambretta hybrid. And what about this brilliant wood bike?
Here you'll find another nice video, on how to build a ratbike.
You have no chrome to polish on these bikes (like in the Enduro world). Yet, they are unique as choppers are.

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