Tuesday, 1 June 2010

No Gym, no Problem!

I love to keep myself in good shape, so I train a lot mostly following boxers’ routines, being boxing one of the most complete and demanding sports. I’ve never entered a gym, I like to workout outside, in the sun or under the rain.
In this blog I’d like to give some advices on simple and cheap ways to have a full-body workout without going to the gym. Some people call it the Spartan workout, some other the Caveman training: at the end of the day the principles are the same, work hard, sweat a lot, stay away from supplements and use what you have as equipment. If you have no equipment at all, no problems, you have the most important thing, your body, and that would be enough.
I am not a fitness trainer, so I won’t give you personal advices, but I’ll put some links to articles and videos with exercises and techniques that I tried myself.
For people that enjoy working with weights, I’ll collect informations and instructions on how to build your garage-gym with little money, using things that come right from the hardware store.
To understand what bodyweight training is, I’ll recomment you this video:
Looks easy, but it’s not!
This one is a little more severe:
More inspiration for bodyweight exercises:
And for some urban style:
There are so many things to do without going to the gym, that there are no excuses for not training!

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