Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fifa world cup songs?

This post is about Fifa World Cup but it's tagged as general babble and not as football, because it's definitely NOT about football, but about songs. I don't mean the official songs but the funny songs created by supporters. This year I still have to listen to something really good, I remember 4 years ago there was this one, "Zidane y va marquer" by Cauet.

Then, after the final of Berlin, this one became very popular, "Coupe de Boule" by Emmanuel and Sebastian Lipszyc (Plage Records) and Franck Lascombes:

This year I've heard of a german song, "Nur Italien nicht!" by a German group, Die vier Sterne. The title seems sort of unfair, but I'd like to listen to the track, maybe it's just ironic. Too bad there is no way to find it on youtube, it seems that it has been taken off and replaced with a statement.

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