Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fifa World Cup: after two days.

Well, this blog will not become a diary about the Fifa WC, so I'll try to keep the football posts short.
Just some thoughts after the first two days. As usual, mhe big ones seem to stay quiet and to save energies, totally understandable, too bad that this means boring football.
France and Argentina were quite boring, England started with a bang and then slow down too much. I really like South Corea, a good team and enjoyable football.
South Africa is fine too, a team that warms up dancing is a good team :-)
As I said, it's quite normal that the start is kind of slow, the same happened in Fifa World Cup 2006, but in the second part of the championship things went fast and crazy: the semifinal Germany VS Italy was one of greatest match ever seen.
I'm really curious to see Germany today.

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